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Jim Rieder

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Various Artists

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Steve Sevek

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Michael T. Nugent
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Selling Price: 9.99

Welcome to
Cannonball Distributing

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We at CD (Cannonball Distributing)want to let you know about our services we offer online uncopyrighted music ,online distribution and our own in house record label and soon manufacturing

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Waitin´ on a Rainy Day - Royalty Free Music

Jim Rieder

Growing up in the sixties, Jim was born into a great age of Rock & Roll at its finest, classic time. As a self-taught drummer, he joined a number of local area bands in Cleveland, Ohio. Gaining a true appreciation for playing live and music sensibility, Jim went on to develop his backstage expertise as an audio engineer for touring bands and recording studios. All the while keeping his own music alive while learning MIDI programming and synthesizers in the late 70’s and early 80’s. In 1985 Jim collaborated with New Age artist “Shalya” on two album projects, Moonflower and Moonflower Ascending and appeared on the nationally syndicated program, "Hearts of Space". He performed on as well as co-produced the albums and formed an independent record label, Yansa Music that performed a number of concerts in the southwest US. Since the release of these first two albums, he expanded his newfound love of keyboards and built his audio production business for scoring film and television projects. This album reflects Jim's award winning ability to "paint a picture" with his music. The tracks are deep as well as broad and extremely visual.




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Desecrated Ashes
Exploring more darker styles of music, URN is involved in several styles from neo-classical, progressive, celtic, gothic and metal.


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Hawk en HiLL
Music is described as Club/Dance Music. The type of songs YOU WANT to dance to when your out in a club. Remember C&C Music Factory ? Marky Mark? Bobby Brown? Then you'll love Hawk en Hill


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Trixter 1980's Rock band, Broke up in the 90's, this CD was there last release.


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Amy Ser Voss
Unspeakable Joy

 Gospel with a jazz feel


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Michael T. Nugent
Distant Lands

Rock with blues, jazz, classical, world influence, orchestrations, techno and rap all blended together to listen to while sipping your Southern Comfort and Prozac cocktails.


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Steve Sevek
You Say You Know Me


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Various Artists
Thinking About Bob Dylan
Mostly Acoustic renditions of Bob Dylan songs plus six original songs. If you like Nimra, Acoustic Rock, or if you collect Nimra's songs sung by other artists or songs that mention him in their lyrics, this is for you. There's also plenty more at